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Souleye Follow Your Heart


The single Follow Your Heart from Souleye’s forthcoming album Wild Man is nothing short of an exhilarating and energizing breath of fresh air.

The artist’s unique fusion of genres creates an ambiance that sounds exciting, optimistic, and inspiring. The backing track is a superb display of creative production, and the rap vocal running alongside of it has that crucial depth and hopefulness that we are so very much in need of right now.

Lyrics aside for a moment, the track itself brings about a fairly new sound. The fresh energy of the music, the riffs and the melodies, the uplifting nature of the soundscape on the whole, and the artist’s voice – with it’s calming confidence and clear sense of character – all make for something that ticks a lot of boxes. The louder you play it, the better the feeling. Then when you do focus in on the lyrics, the whole thing shines even brighter; it’s something meaningful now, valuable, and important.

There’s a blissful after effect to this track that music fans often crave, and it’s a beautiful thing to discover. The music has an enthusiasm to it that passes on to you as you listen. There is something about the transcending of genres here that strikes hard. The music itself perhaps wouldn’t be quite as powerful without the artists words, in the same way that the artist’s words, although poignant, thoughtful, and beautifully poetic, are given more of a glow within the space of this music and the mood set by it – there is simply a perfect chemistry of elements taking place. The result is something that sounds great, means a lot to those who listen, and expresses the leading artist’s creativity and thought process with great skill and warmth.

Wild Man is definitely an album to watch out for in 2017. Download the track Follow Your Heart via iTunes. Find and follow Souleye on Facebook and Twitter. Visit his Website for music and info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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