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Sophie Feriani Guilty


Divinely warm vocals bring a delicate balance of smoothness and rasp, as songwriter and artist Sophie Feriani employs both style and substance, for Guilty.

An easy pop-gem for its dreamy set-up and cascading layers of voice, Guilty makes sure to balance those accessible, catchy aspects with a distinctly soulful undertone – the sort that allows these uniquely wandering verses to connect and draw the listener in accordingly. Then as we resolve to the simplicity of the hook, the journey completes in a satisfying and memorable way – the line between alternative and contemporary walked with precision and purpose.

Hailing from Tunisia, the now UK-based Sophie Feriani delivers an exotic and unmistakable sound – familiar for its mainstream colour and calm, intriguing for its unique tone and the depth and even swagger of this sultry, mood-setting production.

Really beautifully crafted and performed, a refreshingly humble ear-worm with a welcomed twist of story and identity to the writing – I look forward to hearing more from Sophie Feriani.

Download or stream Guilty. Find Sophie Feriani on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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