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Sophia Cruz Gemini Moon


Sophia Cruz is quickly finding her style and sound with recent releases, and nothing speaks more highly on behalf of that than this latest single.

Effectively showcasing Cruz’ softly raspy, expressive and soulful vocals, unique and gritty yet without needing volume to cut through the soundscape. Instead of gimmicks, Cruz’ vocal ability and her naturally emotive, laid-back tone ride alongside of this partly piano-led, partly trip-hop soaked ambiance in a stylish and intriguing manner. Your focus is on the lyrics, these short lines – some poetic, loaded with imagery, others notably personal and revealing; helping build a genuine connection with listeners by means of her own truth.

Production-wise the track hits with brilliant impact. The final drop to the hook in particular sees this bass-heavy, distorted arena of intensity contrast with layers of vocal delicacy, and still that leading voice maintains its integrity, while taking nothing away from the hard hit of the drop.

An alternative pop hit by all accounts, Gemini is all at once accessible, memorable, and decidedly interesting. Sophia Cruz drives with an air of individuality that’s skillfully breaking through the noise of the pop landscape at present.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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