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Songwriter Alex My Love’s Naive and Out Of Fashion


Taking things down a more personal route this time, songwriter Alex maintains the medieval-style acoustic guitar sound, and backs this up with a poetic yet revealing and honest outpouring regarding the search for love in the modern world.

Melodically alluring and refreshing as ever, the song manages to once again feel familiar yet new, and this, when combined with Alex’ unique vocal tone and these fearlessly vulnerable lyrics, helps elevate the entire release.

Structurally enchanting and moving into something of a softer Metallica realm during the instrumental, My Love’s Naive and Out Of Fashion delves into precisely what its title promises.

There’s a sense of performative presence to the set-up, but ultimately Alex bares a little more of his soul with each passing moment – so much so that the final verse is particularly heartbreaking. The accompanying visuals further all of this, the artist lost in performance, initially smiling, later more reflective, contemplative and uncertain.

Beautifully written, in short – honestly captured, lyrically relatable yet original and increasingly compelling. Perhaps his best work yet.

Check out the music or explore Alex’s other work here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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