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Son Of Satan The Devil’s Kid


Introducing a uniquely expressive, deeply focused and unforgiving new project, from an artist with a clear sense of personality and purpose about the music they deliver.

Featuring darkly poetic lyrics of familiar progressions and sentiments aptly connected to the artist’s name, Tha Devil’s Kid blends musical unpredictability with mildly disjointed, strangely soulful vocals, for an ultimately intriguing sound.

Boy King is all of this, stealing the progression of Hallelujah and recrafting it under a shadow of haunting uncertainty.

As things continue these creative threads appear in subtle yet striking ways. The instrumental of Total Triple Darkness is a fine example, and an easy highlight. Musically satisfying, simple yet engaging, poetic and personal suddenly – we have a leading voice now, an identity to connect with.

Raised By Wolves follows and the style has familiarity, even despite the newly crafted tribal rhythms and the Kanye-esque minimalism and vocal intensity combined. The lyrics feel distant at first, but with each new track more light shines down on the concepts at hand – illuminating the creative behind the work.

Dashes of distortion, catchy rhythms and a catchy hook meet with layers of piano and memorable phrases for a notably recognisable Annihilation Mode.

Elsewhere the album keeps creative freedom at the forefront, a minimal presentation that’s as raw as it is compelling. Consider the hip hop story-telling of the title track, alongside fragments of voice and those unmistakably artistic hits of rhythm and chimes of again disjointed melody.

Even the retro gamer tones and heavy bass of Foster Child Orphan, creatively fun yet conceptually intense. We’re into the meat of the work, the depths of its intentions and the vulnerable, open mindset of the maker.

Goth Mansion is another highlight, multi-layered and somehow both hypnotically peaceful and lyrically relentless. A similar effect takes hold for My Shades Are On, closing down the collection with an impressive look at the artist as lyricist and performer – committed to the moment, energetic and fearless, musically uninhibited.

A great way to go out, and an album worth more than a single listen for the full scope of what’s on offer.

Download the project via iTunes or follow Son Of Satan on Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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