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Someone Who Isn’t Me have creatively fused the hypnotic embrace of electronic rock with a conceptually provocative and visually captivating video for this latest release. Fresh from the album DANCE WITH YOU, Pinku brings together fine story-telling and the seductive swagger of an indie-pop classic by means of a quickly memorable audio-experience.

Feeling somewhat Depeche Mode inspired, there’s a nostalgic aura to the way this song has been presented. With that, the notably artistic and expressive video makes for a striking historical journey. Offering contemporary portraits of five female biblical figures – Jezebel, Lilith, Virgin Mary, Salome and Delilah – the video is as haunting as it is compelling, and the music in line with this helps make certain you walk away knowing you’ve experienced something.

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Rather than feeding further into the current musical landscape, SWIM make up their own rules, driving with depth of thought and the full embrace of multi-layered musical escapism.

This release could well be a huge step forwards for the under the radar band – they offer equal parts entertainment, skill, and intrigue; all of which is incredibly refreshing at present. Pinku is a fascinating release that speaks volumes for the talent and intentions of the band.

Stream or download the album Dance With You here. Find & follow Someone Who Isn’t Me (SWIM) on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website. Check out the label Armour Records here.

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