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Solomon Centipede (Feat. Rokkai & Smiles)


Good vibes create a familiar soundscape and mood to begin with – Centipede feels like a creative contender for the mainstream, and a lo-fi go-to for the late-night study heads and commuters alike.

Soon enough though, we get to the meat of the release – an immediately catchy, rhythmic hook being the first point of interest, a series of impressive bars and flows being the second.

Centipede brings together the talents and personalities of Solomon, Rokkai and Smiles – each of whom injects their own level of confidence and story-telling, scene setting; and never do the verses or performances fall below par. On the contrary, the track manages to get more interesting as it progresses, and it holds your attention with ease thanks to that brilliantly relevant production and the increasingly unique nature of the raps.

Always resolving back to this rhythmically addictive and lyrically fresh hook, Centipede is creatively on point – feeling authentic, new yet comforting in its professionalism, and alternative in the way that so many Outkast tracks were back in the day.

A refreshing take on contemporary hip hop and alternative pop. A brilliant single, in short – one of the best this year so far.

Download or stream Centipede here. Check out Solomon, Rokkai & Smiles on IG. Visit Small Circle Society of Noban for more info.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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