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Solar Kama Sutra Crater Lake Eclipse


Driving with industrial rhythms and raw indie rock energy, Solar Kama Sutra’s music pours through with organic authenticity and a clearly live-inspired sentiment – all of which quickly pairs chaos with calming escapism. Crater Lake Eclipse is all of this and a fine place to begin if you’re new to the artist’s music.

The one-man band set-up is impressive considering the multi-layered rock ambiance of this heavy-handed instrumental. Equal parts pace and dreamlike, expressive delicacy unite under the progressive, conveyor-belt like movement of the track, blending mildly psychedelic traits with those that feel as if a live guitar jamming session is taking place right there in the room with you.

This experimental aura meets with something of a dreamy surf-rock warmth for the aptly titled Surfer Girl Dreams. Add in some distant, reverb-soaked vocals and a sudden sense of calm when the instrumental groan falls away, and while the sound is recognisable and fits the Solar Kama Sutra realm, it also ignites a whole other side to the act’s creative reach.

A similar transition to new territories occurs as Sun Animals hits the airwaves. Industrial grit leads again, heavy and jarring in its matching rhythm amidst guitars, drums and vocals. A chant-like voice rains down, seeming both personal and poetic, utilising only two notes to tell a unique story and express ideas in a genuinely unusual way. A few alternative synths break up the vocal sections and throw in more of that electronic freedom from earlier.

Vincent’s Letter is an easy highlight, the natural drum-sound works well, as do the quiet, softly melodic vocals, and in this case the raw recording style seems fit to represent a pure and real sense of longing and connection to the underlying sentiments.

A bigger beat leads us into a shoe-gaze-esque, multi-vocal and melodically hypnotic Polar Eyes – another highlight, and perhaps one of the most memorable songs of the collection; a personal favourite. A mild touch of grunge blends in with a plethora of other influences detectable throughout Solar Kama Sutra’s catalogue.

Burning Daylight brings back distortion, an ambient, scene-setting and cinematic approach, with a mighty sense of rising anticipation that suits the implied concept of the title really well. Contrast kicks in to a bold degree later on, the song swiftly evolving from gentle to intense and passionate as the artist screams out on behalf of uncertainty, amidst swirling distorted layers.

To finish up a fine collection is the song Wild Autumn Eve, a little Elliot Smith-like in tone and softness – another dash of inspiration. Amidst these tracks though, there are dozens more – a world of indie rock escapism just waiting to connect.

Check out all of Solar Kama Sutra’s music on Soundcloud.

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  1. Rebecca Cullen is a great writer and songwriter. Check out her music on Soundcloud as well as Solar Kama Sutra!

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