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SOJA Trap God


Introducing the latest in a string of releases from the gritty and fast-paced corner of SOJA – Trap God more than lives up to the high bar implied by its name, showcasing faultless contemporary sound-design and high-octane vocals cleanly mixed for impact throughout.

Leading with an immediately likeable beat and backdrop, Trap God brings together retro keys for melody and the modern fire of bass and trap rhythms united.

Meanwhile, the rap proceeds to offer up a relentless outpouring of bars, impressive already then impossibly quick and still clever during the latter half.

Aptly inspired by the renowned Rap God process of breathless delivery and worthy, smart lyrics united, Trap God increasingly captivates for the sheer energy and precision of SOJA’s performance. The single aims high and hits the mark, leaving you keen to replay once the brief two-minute piece comes to an end.

Emerging at just the right time, and seemingly a natural continuation of his genuine skill and passion for the genre and the process of writing purposeful, interesting bars, this release follows on from the vastly streamed and catchy likes of Lifestyle – vocally fast-paced in itself and instantly recognisable in tone once you’ve crossed paths with SOJA.

Then we get the sort of compelling heat that No Sleep Freestyle injects into the scene, breathless bars but far from actually breathless – confidently handled, a master of the mic and blending melody and rap with seamless authenticity and skill.

Bringing both production and rap to the stage – songwriting, sound-design and performance all in one – SOJA is no doubt on to a winning combination.

Well-worth knowing about for fans of the genre, of rap in general, and creative production combined.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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