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SO On The Mic (Feat. Rosemarry Moreau)


SO’s On The Mic is a track that can’t easily be pigeonholed. Creativity drives and that brings with it a sense of freedom as this dreamlike instrumental and a series of contrasting vocals pour out into the room.

Featuring the whispered vocal delicacies of Rosemarry Moreau, On The Mic introduces somewhat fragmented lyrical ideas that seem to suit well the cinematic, distant and colourful nature of the soundscape. At the same time, the rap vocal, equally fragmented, offers short bursts of ideas and a little more coherence in terms of the track’s intention and direction. Alongside all of this, that key line and title concept repeats in the forefront of the experience – On The Mic reaches out from the smoothness of the ambiance, recapturing any wandering minds with a definite rhythm and pulse to its appearance.

Alternative, experimental music often makes and breaks its own rules, and this release seems to encapsulate that intention. At the same time, you could expect to find this within a classic trip hop playlist, or even something a little grittier and less predictable – Aphex Twin came to mind on occasion. In essence, On The Mic underlines the very nature of artistry – the term itself implies, to most of us, a performance, and this track in full is precisely that. The artistic threads run deep, and still there are enough moments of melody and rhythm, along with intriguing, bizarre and memorable ideas, to keep it entertaining and holding tight to your attention right through to the end.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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