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SO New Win (Candlewax Records)


Producer Bronze Baby Shoes and vocalist/lyricist The Character join forces to become the uniquely creative, professionally skillful SO – an act driving with brilliantly ambient, intentionally free vibes on this latest single.

Released under the ever-impressive Candlewax Records, New Win is a track that effectively fuses a plethora of genres and styles in a surprisingly smooth and engaging manner. From mildly experimental soundscape design, to hints of hip hop and pop-punk alike – something of a Limp Bizkit style layer of vocal character – the track kicks in as unexpected, yet proceeds to prove itself fully immersive and likable throughout its perfectly crafted three minute thirty lifespan.

From the offset, pulsating synths and colors rain down around the listener. A distant bass-line throbs in a warming manner, then you get these intermittent, jazz-cafe-kissed flickers of detail and delicacy. Then there’s the heavier beat, tripped up and creative in itself. And then, there’s the vocal – completely out of the blue, yet brilliantly well-suited to the moment; something that becomes increasingly true as the track progresses.

The pace picks up slightly, but still there’s a summer’s day aura to the whole mood. Certain elements repeat and loop hypnotically. Dashes of angst and attitude take nothing away from this calming undertone – lines like Not afraid.. I’m gonna be the change.. stand tall above all else. It’s a clever way to compose, and not too many could pull it off, but SO succeed with flying colors.

A trippy yet gentle delight, loaded with subtle contrast and full to the brim with artistic intent and musical awareness alike. Hopefully there’s more music to come.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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