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SO I Like That (Feat. Lejend & B Marie)


The building blocks that make up this collaborative single from SO, Lejend and B Marie are of an admittedly eclectic nature. As the track fills the room, it feels like ambient electronica in some ways – there’s a calming aura to it and not so much of the verse-chorus pop format for it to be anything else. However, in the backdrop you get this delicate reggae-vibe, as well as a slightly experimental, fast-paced but light drum-line, and this is all before you even get to the numerous vocals.

Musically the soundscape is easy to enjoy, you recognise it after a single listen, and the humble back and forth between the two chords has a comforting simplicity about it. There are also a few distant synths that wash over in the distance, adding a sense of warmth to an already seductive and calming piece of music.

When it comes to the dashes of character and humanity, the opening vocals seem to cascade around you – that central idea and title line, the song’s hook, pours through via a few different tones and personalities. There’s a hint of intimacy to it, as well as a sense of togetherness and a shared appreciation for the good times.

Later on, the rap vocal offers a mellow verse with a deep tone and a subsequent level of contrast that moves things along – implementing structure within the soundscape. For the most part, the whole thing feels like a hypnotic audio journey fit for those long nights in at home. The voices though, the lyrics and the details, the multiple personas involved – all of this adds something a little more interesting and with a slightly more intentional direction. There’s definitely an air of individuality to the whole thing. It’s a smooth yet bold release with some definite moments of freshness.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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