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Snir Yamin Down The Line


From Israel to New York, Snir Yamin has honed his songwriting style and overall sound in a way that places his music somewhere between trip-hop and rock. There are equal parts softness and weight to the soundscape of Down The Line, and throughout the song Yamin puts in a passionate performance that leans back and forth between delicacy and intensity.

The verses are intriguing, the lyrics offer those intricate thoughts and feelings that are often too personal to reveal. In presenting this, the artist reaches out to connect with all of us, with all of our inner demons and the emotional difficulties we face. Lines like Fake smiles keep me going hit quite hard and provoke you to consider your own surroundings and the people you spend your time with.

When the song gets to its hook, the whole thing lights up in the way that an indie-rock anthem would. Where before there was darkness, an almost hard-rock sense of anticipation with dashes of EDM – the intro and the riff, the electronically tripped up beat – now there’s a certain brightness, an acceptance perhaps. You feel as if you’re taking things the way they are, united with the artist in his attempt to continue and to keep going. Things feel possible here, less intense and unsettling – less scary. The switch back to the verse drives more of an empowering energy through, and the reappearance of the line Fear is just a shooting star also has a comforting nature about it.

Some of the most common mistakes we make in life are those which are just so naturally human but that, at the time, make us feel like we’re the only ones going that way. This song addresses issues and recurring negative thoughts in a way that makes you feel part of something, more normal perhaps; less alone. Snir Yamin has a good sound and a live band performance would likely be something worth experiencing.

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