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SnapDibz Slow Down (Feat. Rey)


Piano-led and fearlessly topical in times of vast disconnection, SnapDibz and Rey collaborate to deeply-moving results, for Slow Down.

Melodic and soulful from the outset, Slow Down feels like an aptly-dreamy, mainstream-ready reminder to step back – to slow things down and find stillness or calm. The production is organic, the drumline classic and the vocals cleanly-mixed for an equally nostalgic take on timeless, conscious hip hop.

Following this introduction, SnapDibz employs a clear sense of integrity and heart for the verses – a recognisable tone and flow that connects authentically with the thoughtful and emotive bars that pour through.

Often directly addressing a significant other, or rather, the listener themself, the writing depicts a back and forth dynamic between somebody struggling with the world and somebody who wants them to feel valued and hold on a little longer.

It’s a story of personal worth, clearly, but the presentation allows it to reach out to any and all listeners who need to hear the very same message. And, given the fairly nostalgic or timeless nature of the production and set-up, that gift will hopefully remain a worthy go-to for music fans across the board.

Humbly-crafted and performed, simple yet striking in its rightful delicacy and mellow pace, Slow Down speaks on a critical issue with crucial optimism and togetherness. Well worth a listen.

Download or stream Slow Down on all platforms from February 23rd. Check out SnapDibz on Facebook & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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