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Snapdibz Levels (EP)


Snapdibz leads with unquestionable passion throughout this brand new EP Levels.

Kicking off with the immediate anthem that is Master Plan, the producer and rapper introduces a piano-led, emotive ambiance, with a few spoken word reflections on life, before the high-energy and heavy beat strike up to bring a whole new level of intention into the track.

The opener goes on to lay bare the artist’s personal journey, his story, and resolves these outpourings with retro, dubstep-like instrumental breaks and distance, with effected vocals that provide a brief hook of sorts. Then we get welcomed to the circus, certain lyrics drawing us in closer for a more intimate look at the truth on display. Enter the strings, further instances of intensity and rising passion. Without a doubt, the project is off to a strong start, and Snapdibz undoubtedly has a clear, recognizable sound of his own.

Experimental layers of EDM emerge again for Blade Of Grass. The soundscapes throughout the EP are decidedly unusual, far from classic hip hop, but then you get this contrastingly classic, somewhat retro rap style, adding a level of nostalgia to the whole thing.

At the half way point, Take Off captivates for its detailed story-telling and scene-setting – not to mention the motivational, Beastie Boyz-esque dynamic between Snapdibz and Phil Sheurman. A strong groove in addition and a brilliantly soulful, nineties dance-like female hook all helps make this an easy stand-out from the EP.

6man then injects a striking electronica ambiance with more of that motivational, inspiring energy and lyricism, before You and I brings back piano and vocal soul to tell a deeply intimate, honest and revealing love story. Still the big beat and Snapdibz’ faultless energy keep the mood high throughout this otherwise melancholic outcry. A beautiful track, a great way to finish, and a final reminder of the creative versatility that shines brightly throughout Levels.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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