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SnapDibz Backwards In My Head / Done Believing


Skilfully walking the line between contemporary sound-design and heartfelt, purposeful intentions, rapper and artist SnapDibz is swiftly making a name for himself in the music realm.

Boasting millions of streams across a handful of original singles from the past couple of years, one of his most vastly-played releases is the beautifully emotive, expressive and ethereal Backwards In My Head.

Featuring the additional talents of singer Rey, the song follows an organic arrangement of melancholic riffs and deeply soulful, devoted vocals. It’s a compelling performance, with a fast-paced and long-form melodic thread that feels genuinely connected to these revealing, fearlessly open lyrics.

The central rap verse from SnapDibz injects further authenticity, reflecting with both personal and poetic references that are easy to fall enchanted by.

It’s a strong track, immersive and memorable, gentle yet effective, and a fine testament to the integrity and depth of SnapDibz as a creative.

Far from a one-trick pony, while SnapDibz has a vocal style and realness that’s easy to recognise, the space between tracks is vast – no genre is out of reach, yet always we get a worthy balance between passion and professionalism.

Done Believing shifts gears distinctly, a dance-pop vocal hook feeling instantly familiar, adding a catchy trait to an otherwise insanely fast-paced rap outpouring that grips the listener for its storytelling and scorn combined.

Then on another note, consider the dramatic piano-lead of a gritty and consciously topical deep-dive Masterplan, from the 2020 EP. The intensity of the soundscape allows SnapDibz to really lay down the skill and intention on the mic.

It’s a high-octane yet versatile performance, and the music is refreshingly unique alongside this – from the stripped-back to the retro distorted synth fullness. Lyrical density leaves the listener keen to dive in more than once, to make sure they capture every idea; SnapDibz never misses a beat.

“Welcome to the circus, every day is like a game show…”

Hard-house dance vibes boldly raise the pulse for the unforgettable energy and melodic embrace of Eyes On Me. Seamlessly blending EDM, oriental and hip hop flavors, with an almost new-metal chorus from an almighty vocalist, the track again permits SnapDibz the time and space within which to unleash a whole new story, and a whole other side to his abilities.

With streams and followers skyrocketing as you read this, the upcoming single Slow Down, due for release on February 23rd, is well worth looking out for. Now would be the perfect time to get tuned in to an increasingly impressive, original yet timeless repertoire.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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