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SmooVeBeatZ RockStar


Upfront vocals and contemporary rhymes meet with a bass-heavy trap beat to create a home-made fusion of country melodies and modern rap – SmooVeBeatZ tackles the big dream with this brand new single.

RockStar comes in at a fairly perfect three minutes thirty, a timeframe within which SmooVeBeatZ takes a little while to kick in, but does so increasingly once the first hook is out of the way.

Beginning with the hook and a sense of familiarity in the references and the tune alike, RockStar goes on to bring in verses that let things get a little more personal – building that artist-audience connection.

Rather than feeling like an anthem, the resulting single has a certain humility about its melody and vocal delivery; a trait that contrasts the luxurious living detailed in the lyrics, but ultimately works in favour of the overall mood.

Emo-rap vibes but with a sense of fun and ambition united at its core – RockStar keeps things in tune with the current scene, and introduces SmooVeBeatZ with a fairly recognisable voice.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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