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Smokey Dreams Electric Kinda Love (EP)


LA’s Smokey Dreams offer up some superb songwriting and a journey-ready anthem of a hit with their first single from the latest EP, Electric Kinda Love.

Setting the mood in an instant with a fast paced, organic indie-rock arrangement and a vocal warmth that quickly engages, the song has a certain subtlety about it – allowing the strength of the melody and the uplifting chord progression to naturally shine.

Bring in a few more layers later on – keys, sound-play, a folk-rock-esque instrumental and a notably addictive, descending hook melody – and the whole thing introduces the Smokey Dreams style in a mighty way.

Fresh from the same collection, Sway The Day keeps the energy high and the positive vibes flowing strong. This time we get a touch of fuzzy distortion, an electronic-rock aura as things progress, and generally immersive feel that begs for you to witness it in a live setting.

Stylish short lines hit vocally to move things in an all-the-more stylish, punk-rock-like direction; right before another unexpected, descending hook resolves and re-imagines things.

Low Light On later adopts a more mellow, nineties indie rock vibe, with intimate vocals and a sort of mainstream lyrical vagueness that allows the song to mean whatever the listener needs it to. There’s an Americana twang to the end of each phrase, a little Sheryl Crow-like in fact, and the song rightfully lights up another side of Smokey Dreams.

On a similar note, Blue Smoke, from which the featured artwork is taken, leads through with a considerably minimalist, laid-back and dreamy aura. Still though, the voice and the set-up, the guitar sound, the rhythm, all leans openly towards this Smokey Dreams sound that’s been established.

With each of these four songs, despite their differences, there’s an air of being set-ready for the latest emotive yet action-filled Netflix series – Sons Of Anarchy comes to mind on occasion. Great songwriting and a gorgeous collection of mood-setters – ready and waiting to make your commute a little more bearable.

Check out the music via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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