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Smokers Corner DRXG$ IN SPXCE


Smokers Corner bring a little personality and flair to the modern hip hop world, with their nine-track collaborative album DRXGS IN SPXCE.

New Cheque introduces the venture, a simple, haunting backdrop of three rising notes and industrial rhythms underneath, with verses impressing for their sharp rhymes and quirky listing.

However, despite its relevance, New Cheque is far from a full indication of what we can expect from this album. Pull Up follows and instantly draws focus to a more thoughtful, heartfelt and intelligently-rooted manner of writing and production.

Versatility and depth emerge throughout, with deeply contemplative tracks like Space x Money marking a huge shift in style and intention that captivates and connects on a whole other level.

Psychedelic qualities also prove an essential part of this journey, with trippy production keeping things original, alongside equally warped ideas akin to the patterns of thinking that accompany intoxication; as implied by the album’s title.

The second full-length project from Smokers Corner, DRXGS IN SPXCE highlights the evolution of both their talent and commitment to the cause. It also shines light on another realm of modern trap; one that hopefully continues to creatively progress in this manner.

Download or stream DRXGS IN SPXCE here. Check out Smokers Corner on Facebook, Apple Music & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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