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Slow Burning Car Soul Crimes


Soul Crimes has the high octane energy of classic indie rock. The likes of The Strokes or The Hives came to mind as that explosive riff first burst into action. As the track develops though, there’s slightly more of a punk rock edge to the songwriting, and the contrast between the spacious verses and the heavier hooks makes for a full throttle, effective rock performance.

The lyrics of the song create something quite captivating. There’s a distinct story-line running alongside of the music, and the leading vocalist delivers this with genuine passion and relevant energy. The way the track has been structured further utilises the element of contrast as mentioned earlier, each section is short and snappy, always soaked in rhythm and depth, and making certain within just a single listen that you know what you’ve heard and that it stays with you.

The instrumental section that comes into play towards the latter half of the track adds an intense and satisfying moment of rock authenticity. It allows the audience that space within which they can completely lose themselves, to the music and the weight of its expression. This, when surrounded by those alternating melodies, completes the scene and secures this as a go-to modern rock song. The sound is infectious and compelling, but there’s also plenty to listen out for that presents individuality and even poetic reflections on life. It’s not a song to simply fill the background to your life, though it works just fine in that setting. It’s one that you can look to for those insights and that understanding. Something that’s all too often missing from mainstream rock or pop. Well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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