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Slightlykilld MIRROR


“This is a date with the real you, have a look inside out, explore.”

Heavy distortion and grit unite with hauntingly delicate vocals and shoegaze overtones, throughout the catchy and provocative rock force that is Slightlykilld’s new single MIRROR.

Bringing together genres and moments past and present, the song ultimately follows its own creative pathway through exploration of the self and the role of a life within the world.

Things begin in one way, and soon evolve in a plethora of others – the anthemic hook proving all the more unexpected for its pop-like vocal reinforcement, electronic layers, and juxtaposed guitar solo intensity for equal parts industrial and homely flavours.

Structurally its own beast and stylistically too, Mirror introduces the Slightlykilld’s sound as well-suited to the impossible to pigeonhole realm of modern songwriting.

With dashes of anthemic indie to the verse movement – single notes, quietness, perhaps a Wet Leg-esque mood alongside the power and pace of metal – and more of an arena-rock weight to the build up and chorus drop, Mirror sets the vibe for its sound alone initially. It’s only through repeat visits – an easy option given the addictive escapism of the entire release – that the poignancy and purpose of the lyrics starts to really connect and move the listener. At which point, the unavoidable and apt self-reflection is mighty.

Brilliantly original, relevant in both style and subject, Mirror injects a refreshing twist of artistic integrity into the modern scene. I look forward to hearing more from Slightlykilld.

Download or stream MIRROR here. Check out Slightlykilld on Facebook, Apple & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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