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Slickslick I Dont Make Music I’m A Sound Investment


Freshly released projects from an artist with a well-rooted background in hip hop and RnB, SlickSlick maintains versatility and skill across a series of tracks, working towards the December offering of a brand new album.

Supported by nostalgic RnB singles like Life Is Just A Party, SlickSlick delivers classic vocals and creative production united for a fresh take on familiar stylings.

The energy is smooth, late-night ready and aptly suited to the concept and vibe at hand, and the melody is notably fresh – a little freestyle-esque and disjointed at times yet authentic in this passionate meandering.

Elsewhere the story-telling hip hop projects like Stickey lead with crisp vocals and stylish beats for a simple yet purposeful hit of confident raps and effective escapism combined.

I Don’t Make Music I’m a Sound Investment is the new collection, and takes things down an even more minimal hip hop root, with striking bass work and a light rhythm section supporting the characterful sense of identity that is the vocal sound.

Promising a multitude of creative anthems, the album brings together intentional depths and the simple scene-setting and positive energy of the party life. In every case, that voice and the artistic production rings true to this identity and recognisable tone – essential qualities when it comes to longevity in modern music.

Album out December 1st. Check out SlickSlick on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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