SKYLER LEXX boldly delivers a fresh level of attitude and distorted, gritty style into the pop world with this infectious, multi-layered new single – one that refuses to let up throughout its impressively unique progression.

Featuring a decidedly varied flow from rap to long-form RnB melodies and simple pop refrains, BARTENDER feels like a mainstream hit with a twist of uninhibited creativity.

The singer meanders faultlessly through the various sections, and the soundscape – wherein we can hear superb production details – follows suit with equal variety for a truly dynamic, consistently interesting mix.

Maintaining multiple hooks and resounding moments that linger, the writing of BARTENDER is simple yet effective. Familiar phrases meet with personal confidence and anecdotes, elevating things from the easy ‘Hey bartender’ or ‘Hey big spender’ to rap outpourings and a continuously expressive, often fast-paced delivery of more intimate, carefree declarations.

Genuinely impressive, it’s pop but with a little something extra – quirky strings, a heavily pounding, almost tribal-style drum, crisp production elsewhere, hearty bass, and all that’s needed to promise a brief yet addictive burst of appeal.

Really well done. I look forward to hearing where else SKYLER LEXX takes things in the coming months.

Download or stream BARTENDER here. Check out SKYLER LEXX on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit their Website. Find out more via the label iCali Records.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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