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Sky Eater Everything I Need


Creatively blending the summer rhythms of reggae with big-band organic vibes and smooth, sultry vocals, Sky Eater present a modern day take on dreamy trip hop and alternative pop, with the subtly infectious anthem Everything I Need.

Initially intriguing for its piano-led, mellow ballad feel, Everything I Need soon goes on to weave in a nostalgically breathy, distantly-mixed vocal, for that Morcheeba-esque calm, and slowly but surely expands upon this with multiple layers of finely-crafted instrumentation.

Before long, the entire arrangement and groove shifts gears – taking the listener from the comfort of quietness, to the uplift and energy of an imagined festival setting. By the final third, the softness of the opening song is replaced by an enchanting, all-together-now kind of euphoric chorus – a celebration of the happiness at its core, and a brilliantly enjoyable way to wrap up the journey.

It’s a fine display of creativity, based around strength of songwriting and performance but no doubt elevated by faultless attention to detail on the production front.

Likely to take some listeners back to a simpler era, but also crisp and clean enough to feel like a fresh chillout go-to for the modern audience, Everything I Need is yet another impressive song, from an act already boasting tens of thousands of streams across their releases to date.

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Rebecca Cullen

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