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Skweeze Get’m, GET’M Productions The Detour: Special Edition / To Thr33 From 3


Driving with creative passion above all else, Skweeze Get’m has risen up through the ranks across various genres lately, progressing from the hip hop realm into alternative folk, yet always maintaining a clear edge of artistic integrity.

From heavy bars through increasing the fan base by 7000% each year, to the fearlessly revealing and live delivery of acoustic guitar folk songs, the Get’m corner has identity yet consistent eclecticism – a trait rarely mastered with such realness and skill combined.

The album The Detour: Special Edition introduces the Skweeze Get’m approach on a definitive high. Tracks like Difficult showcase an intimate, reflective and honest way with writing, alongside a versatile and passionate vocal flow. There’s also clarity in the acoustic sound, a connection to music in all of its forms shining brightly early on.

From the same album, highlights a grittier vocal performance, and brings in a nostalgic hip hop ambiance and trap rhythms for a contemporary late-night vibe that again connects for its integrity and story.

Elsewhere under Get’m Productions, singles like Introduction bring in the vastness of a neo-classical embrace and high-octane EDM, a fresh vocal flow once again, and an essentially anthem-like release that quickly elevates the unique identity of the Get’m sound.

In contrast, the electric guitar style and soulful connection of Agnus Joseph makes for a deeply moving alternative – a categorical highlight from the collection, captivating with scenery and memories from a past loaded with turmoil.

Ultimately the writing and the fearless commitment of the vocal reach out on a deeply human level. Meanwhile, the versatility and artistry of the music keeps things forever interesting and unpredictable.

Underlining the folk redirection is the profoundly vulnerable and stripped-back openness of Burning Bridges and Home (Album Mix), both contributions to the To Thr33 From 3 album.

From whispered to raspy and impassioned vocals, with songwriting that rises up addictively for a brighter pop hook and resolve, the songs keep the Get’m sound alive but veer off regardless into genres more organic and minimalist; furthering that audience connection indefinitely.

Soft rock sentiments and outright creative freedom pour into the Get’m corner of productivity, a voice that’s recognisable yet uninhibited and impossible to pigeonhole.

Also having recently published his own book, Skweeze Get’m is truly an entrepreneur of the creative arena.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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