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Skipp O-Seven I Bet That You Regret


Uniting passionate dance-pop vibes with a heavy trap-style beat and notably creative, almost industrial EDM sound-play, Skipp O-Seven’s I Bet That You Regret hits with immense impact and weight as it explodes onto the scene.

Utilising contrast quite masterfully, the song progresses from simple, melodic beginnings, through a series of moments that bring together multiple layers of pristinely crafted electronic sound design.

The production is mighty, the work of a clearly experienced creative, and the featured vocals roam perfectly within the mix – the natural passion and rising energy of the voice uniting faultlessly with the evolving weight and intensity of the music.

Featuring a refreshingly extensive and immersive instrumental hook, the drop following the title lyric satisfies and energises in a powerful way. If anything, the intensity makes you crave a longer version – the seven-minute late-night epic that injects pure motivation and movement into club.

As it stands, not even reaching the three-minute-mark though, I Bet That You Regret strikes hard and fast, leaving its mark with ease and proving impressively memorable in the process.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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