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SKINNY DRIPP Dark Streets Alone (Feat. nabi:3)


Creatively immersive, stylishly blending the euphoric pace and colour of EDM with the intimacy and honesty of contemporary emo rap, SKINNY DRIPP crafts a fresh and revealing sound, with the aptly-titled and deeply personal single Dark Streets Alone.

Consistently progressive in subject, style and genre, Dark Streets Alone ultimately evolves through a heavy metal roar of a mid-section as it increasingly delves into the desperation and longing of the lyrics.

Our protagonist details turmoil with both memory and poetry, making for a believable yet accessible story, which is repeatedly juxtaposed by the inherent optimism and uplift of the soundscape.

At its core, Dark Streets Alone presents an energising and inspiring dance track – multiple layers of synth, rhythm and melody, each one recognisable in itself yet finely incorporated for true impact as the piece rises and drops. Then on the outside we get relentlessly uncertain vocal outpourings, from SKINNY DRIPP and nabi:3 alike – searching for answers and showcasing total versatility from melody to rap to scream.

An indie anthem for sure, loaded with pop-presence yet alternative and refreshing enough to stand tall within the underground realm. It will be interesting to hear where else the music takes SKINNY DRIPP in the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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