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SixTwoSeven Some Other’s Day


The great thing about this release is that the music has the weight and energy of authentic rock, yet it’s also been recorded and produced to a supremely crisp and clear quality – you get all of the intensity, without any of the haze or fuzz of the distortion.

The riffs featured on opening track Wreckless Soul offer up a memorable and uplifting signature sound that runs effectively and intermittently alongside the snippets of vocal melody that make up the verses. The leading vocal comes through with power and character, yet similarly it has that clarity that allows you to enjoy the thickness of rock music and still pick up on and follow along each and every lyric.

Joshua’s Song begins by presenting the skill and passion of the band’s drummer, followed shortly by the pace falling away to reveal an emotional and enjoyably melodic bit of songwriting. The hook brings the weight back a little, and the lyrics here really utilise story telling in a way that sinks in after just a single listen. The song has depth to it, and still the heaviness and style of the instrumentation makes it yet another moment of rock and roll bliss that can (and should) be listened to at high volumes.

Top Of The World initially has the feeling of being a song about overcoming. The opening chord progression and the title alone create this mood of positive evolution, of leaving being the bad and focusing on the good. The lyrics, however, tell a more detailed and revealing version of the story. The band write songs that really open up in an honest and unapologetic way – this is something that always has and always will have value in music. The key change in this song makes for a powerful moment of contrast and lets that central section really hit with impact. The truth of the song is far from the expected, and that adds to the individuality and realness embedded in the sound. This track is a definite highlight.

The final song on the EP is One Single Night. There’s an immediate level of attitude and angst to the fast paced, delicately urgent opening riff, and the sheer emotion and grit that can be heard in the leading vocal. The band utilise contrast effectively once again, the verses have that Foo Fighters sort of gentleness that comes soaked in anticipation of what’s to come – All My Life came to mind a little. This final song makes for a strong finisher and showcases some really creative musical performances that surround and support the song’s sentiment and story with brilliant relevance and artistry. This EP in its entirety is a worthy contender in today’s world of original rock. A live show is a must and hopefully there are some longer projects in the pipeline.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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