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SirSeansWorld ImJustADouche! (Independence Day Anthem)


Self-awareness and compelling levels of confidence elevate the classic Hip Hop groove and quirky yet conscious traits of SirSeansWorld latest anthem ImJustADouche!.

Grabbing attention with ease thanks to that title, then taking things back to the bare essentials of the genre, ImJustADouche! offers up a memorable hook, topical content and spacious production loaded with layers of colour, character and melody.

The arrangement gathers subtle momentum throughout, utilizing contrast between moments and bringing through subtle theatrical aspects for that all the more nostalgic Hip Hop approach.

Despite its openly self-scorning title and chorus, the track goes on to weave in some boldly empowering verses, which tell our protagonist’s story in a way that effectively injects a more thoughtful twist into the track. The result is that the final wave of the hook hits with a little more poignancy, and naturally gets the tune and concept running throughout the listener’s mind indefinitely.

Mastering the space with recognizable qualities and a strong vocal lead combined with worthy, timeless production, SirSeansWorld raises the bar in a refreshing way with this single.

Boasting tens of thousands of streams already since its release, ImJustADouche! will no doubt pave the way for an impressive career if SirSeansWorld continues to bring the heat in the months and years that follow.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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