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Sirens Sharon Tate


Introducing a wholly immersive, addictively heartfelt and refreshing sound – Sirens deliver an unrivaled wash of intention and depth, for Sharon Tate.

Not unlike an M83 hit for its atmospheric prowess and emotional integrity combined, Sharon Tate works its magic with ease, and continues to tighten its grip throughout in subtle but effective ways.

Weave in the eighties-style drums and retro electronic layers of dreamy fuzz, and this delicacy of human voice is elevated into a sort of ethereal realm of enchanting contemplation.

Strength of melody and production united help really build that connection for this release, but it’s also important to note the emotion and rasp of that vocal lead. Even in its distant mixing and heavy effects, you can hear the passion and authenticity in the tone – a kind of soulful RnB approach, fluidly meandering and addictively precise amidst the ongoing stomp and warmth of the music.

Then consider these poetic lyrics, lines of reflection and supporting harmonies, humble adlibs to further that devotion to the moment, and the whole thing brings together soulful realness and pristine electronic arranging in a skilful and purposeful manner.

Brilliant, a personal favourite from the season.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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