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Sins of Johnny All the way


Sit back and be soothed by the reverb-kissed bass and mellow pace of a sublime new single from rockers Sins Of Johnny.

Backing up impressive songwriting and immersive ambiance design, with a voice born to front a rock band – one delivering precisely the grit, soul and delicacy that melts hearts and screams out on your behalf all at once – Sins Of Johnny are a band who will have your back throughout these difficult times.

Trickling into the room with the blues-rock swagger of a driving classic, building up brilliantly, and utilising contrast to offer a hook that hits with superb impact, the band allow subtlety and passion to intertwine. The result is an authentically heartfelt and intimate portrayal of deeply human emotion.

The latter half sees an electric guitar solo rain through, still following the pure sound of that bass and the drums, everything organic and sharing the space – no musicians standing any further forward than others, or out of place. Far from it. The set-up is stunning, simple and familiar, yet presenting a brand new songwriter and band, with a sensationally expressive leading vocalist.

Defiantly one for the long-term playlist.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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