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Sinfal K Role Play


Sinfal K’s Role Play brings together a delicate, dream-like ambiance, and a notable level of late night story-telling, to present audiences with something consistently characterful.

The opening few moments lay out the scene in a musically immersive way, the soundscape is well-suited to the summer months, there’s a dash of classic hip hop in the beat but there’s also far more to it that is otherwise inspired – that lingering, higher riff feels a little more connected to EDM or synth-pop than anything else. All of this works to lay the foundation pretty well.

Running alongside of the music is of course the leading artist’s vocal delivery and ideas, pouring through as this fairly well integrated, conceptual performance that seems to lean back and forth between the serious and thoughtful, and the far more laid back and fun. The verses are where the real detail lies, the voice is laid a little more bare and the multiple layers of the story really show themselves at this time.

The hook is simple, it deals with that title concept in a fitting manner. The verses hold the power though, in my opinion. Sinfal K brings something of unique, slightly Ja Rule or DMX-like leading voice to the stage – thick and gravelly, unafraid, seemingly carefree. It works well considering the developing concept of the track and the underlying intentions embedded within that.

The second time you hear this that prominent flute-like riff really comes through as familiar, as does Sinfal K’s driving voice. The friends with benefits vibe speaks volumes right now and will likely appeal to a lot of 2018’s hip hop fans for its musical depth and lyrical honesty. Sinfal K has his sound and his style and it works well in his favour.

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