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Simona Shao Vacant


LA-based pianist and songwriter Simona Shao strips things back to the bare essentials, for the intimate acoustic strum and fearlessly vulnerable lyricism of Vacant.

Produced by xjaelunax and featuring Simona’s unmistakably beautiful vocals, meandering through these quiet folk-pop verse-lines towards the uplift and colour of the hook, Vacant feels like a classic fusion of indie alternative and radio-ready pop.

“She walks right towards you, and the stars align tonight – I guess anything can go.”

There’s nostalgia in the style and sentiments, the breathy calm and contemplation of Simona’s voice, and this feels a little reminiscent of Vanessa Carlton in a way. On the other hand, there’s a touch of heartbreak and painful reflection to the song – the dreams we folded, this ‘paper dynamite’ – and that juxtaposes the optimism of the music in a spellbinding fashion.

Then as the song evolves, we veer into the true power and wonder of happiness with a significant other – the brightness takes over – “With you I could be happy anywhere”. The chorus resolves, and the voice softens further still. The result is a smooth and intoxicating listen, an observational story of love and poetic imagery, in keeping with the ever-relatable concept of love and the search for connection.

Simona Shao keeps things refreshingly humble as a contemporary pop songwriter and musician, and Vacant categorically highlights that strength, and delivers the very best of Simona’s ability as both performer and writer.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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