SiMo - Once Upon a Time - Stereo Stickman

SiMo Once Upon a Time


Easily one of the most uniquely interesting, blissfully hypnotic experimental tracks to emerge in quite some time.

A simple genre label cannot truly convey the experience. Sure, there’s a techno style beat, an industrial layer of movement and energy, but with that come a series of moments thoughtfully crafted and designed so as to intrigue and toy with the very space around you.

From SiMo’s consciousness to yours – Once Upon A Time is three and a half minutes of pure audio escapism.

Building up slowly, feeling like the inside of a water droplet, close-by to a heavy-set speaker system – gradually gathering momentum and energy, absorbing the rhythm; the pulse of surrounding sound-play. SiMo showcases a brilliantly professionally, clearly knowledgeable way with music production.

The details make this what it is – a quickly recognisable, powerful and fairly incomparable piece of music. The completed piece though is something of its own entirely. A composition you can trust in, to be experienced perhaps alone initially, through sound-cancelling headphones; later to be shared and experienced with others. There’s light and darkness working in unison here, and it sounds beautiful – like organised chaos; the point between waking life and deep sleep.

Really nicely done, I look forward to delving into more of SiMo’s music.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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