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SilverfoxxETO Purple Dreadhead Jazzman 3


Creative production and mighty sound design meet with firmly-planted intentions as this deeply inspiring, energising and purposeful new project from Silverfoxxeto hits the scene.

Featuring soulful vocal layers and spoken-word segments alike, backed by a series of bold soundscapes blending big-band brightness and classic jazz and hip hop, Purple Dreadhead Jazzman 3 entertains and engages the mind all at once.

The theme of the project is manifestation, a concept referring to self-love and self-belief – to manifesting things as an individual and keeping focused on what matters. The opening track outlines this depth and direction well, before exploding into a multi-layered instrumental that’s a total joy to escape into at volume.

Then we get the sudden humour and gentle swagger of a minimalist Good Ass Job (Old Kanye), mixing things up conceptually and stylistically. Again, fragments of voice, rhythm, synth, keys, organic and electronic design intertwined, all plays a role, but ultimately eclecticism allows this eight-track collection to really hold attention.

Strawberry Cream Savers is hypnotic, sax-kissed with a heavy rhythm and entrancing vocal intricacies that resound and rain down. This is follow by Hope: The Interlude, a powerful musical reminder of the meaning of the project; that anything is possible, and that the purity of the moment is blissful and inspiring in itself.

The Virginia Gods Acknowledgement is an easy stand out, smooth and stylish, rhythmically addictive, setting the scene with nostalgia and cinematic intricacies. Musically beautiful, a real pleasure to lose yourself within.

The final three tracks intrigue and connect, beginning with the segments and musicality of Evolution – another highlight, and a piece that utilises creative prowess to really lure you in and get you thinking more deeply.

Love Yourself afterwards is so comforting in its warmth and simple rhythm that it leaves you space to really ponder the ideas presented earlier.

Then there’s the unity and energy of The Grammy Homecoming, complete with its optimism and good vibes, to further that sense of awareness and to ultimately deliver a moment of togetherness; the party, the overcoming, the resulting joy of hard work and dedication combined. The track utilises elements of Silverfoxxeto’s hometown genre Bounce Music, from New Orleans, giving it a decidedly fresh edge.

In short, a brilliantly interesting, focused album of outright original production and creativity. A timeless go to, well worth sharing with friends this side of the summer.

Check out SilverfoxxETO on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or download the music via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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