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Signature Gold Antibodies


The UK’s own Signature Gold recapture the essence of rock – with an indie twist and contemporary storytelling. Antibodies is brilliant, nostalgic for its almost Britpop-like vocals and spacious, rhythmic verses, then suddenly its own thing entirely for the ferocity and distortion of the hook and latter half.

Presenting a strong leading riff and clearly recognisable front-line vocals, what really stands out about this band are their lyrics and sense of identity. It’s refreshing to hear music like this reignited in a modern realm of contemplation, and all the more impressive are the poetic reflections and angst-driven ideas that boldly resonate amidst a clearly topical, intriguing subject matter.

“Like the first ray of sunshine when the curtains are drawn; Like brushing your hair back in a crown-full of thorns.”

Anthemic by design but also unafraid to push the creative boat out further than mainstream officials may recommend, Signature Gold effectively unite alternative and accessible rock and metal with this release, and showcase great songwriting abilities at the same time.

There’s also a clear performative passion to the accompanying video – something that will no doubt translate brilliantly in the live setting.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Saw Siggy G live in Reading UK last month. Awesome. Venue was packed and they tore the place apart! Haven’t been in a mosh pit like that since Glasto 2019. Rumours of a European tour ….. can’t wait

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