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Sid Hagan When We Forget


Forever one to paint a clear and organic, beautifully compelling picture, Sid Hagan’s When We Forget tells a surprisingly poignant story.

From delicate beginnings, where gorgeous acoustic guitar picking seems all at once simple and complex, calming and unique enough to impress, the song evolves through equally impressive layers of electric guitar and subtle drum-work.

On top of the soundscape, or rather – woven in amongst it – that leading vocal, Sid’s voice, easily familiar now, breathes life into the tale. Short lines poetically observe and describe, transporting listeners, offering insight as to the life and disappearance of this person who was seen so regularly under the bridge – pushing a shopping cart, which was filled with various bits and bobs – a humble life’s worth of ‘things’.

For the most part, When We Forget is a blissfully dreamy, mellow piece of guitar music, with subtle fragments of keys and electronic elements that help keep a sense of wonder alive throughout. The vocals are minimal, perhaps cleverly representing the life in question, though the lines they do offer effectively prompt you to consider to the same degree the life of this mystery person.

There are so many humans we encounter, or even merely see, as we go about our daily routines. Perhaps sometimes we pass a little judgement, subconsciously. But we don’t know anything about them. If only we were to really notice them, enough so to connect – before we notice they’re no longer there.

This is a stunning release when all is said and done. A beautiful, simple yet striking song in itself, with a wonderfully relevant, thoughtful sentiment.

When We Forget features Sid Hagan on acoustic guitars and vocals, Marvin Taylor on electric guitars, Joe Carvell on bass, and Paul Curreri on everything else.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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