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Sid Hagan Holdin Down The Bottom


Sid Hagan always manages to take on some of the most difficult or deeply emotional topics in his songwriting, and yet – he always does so with a notable glow about his work. Though heartache and the inevitable changes and endings the passing of time brings about are often the driving forces behind the songs, Sid Hagan’s creative approach consistently shines as that of a deeply caring and appreciative artist; grateful for the good times, the memories, and the music. Nothing speaks louder on behalf of these qualities than his beautiful new single Holdin Down The Bottom. 

Holdin Down The Bottom is a dedicative song, written and recorded as an ode to an old friend and musical partner of Sid’s – Mike Howell – who sadly passed away towards the end of the last year. When Sid talks of his time spent with Mike, he reflects on the numerous bands they were in together, how impressive he was as a musician, and how memorable he’d been as a person. Though there’s a natural ache to the story-line, the song itself is nothing but hopeful – grateful, beautiful, warm.

Sid and a gathering of skillful and equally passionate musicians have really crafted something that connects and uplifts in a wonderful way. The more I hear the song in full, the more these inherent strengths stand tall – and the more the overall energy of the song reaches out and connects.

“At my age, more and more old friends are checking out, and every time it happens – I always feel like a part of me goes with them.”

While there’s a heartbreaking truthfulness and sense of something missing, both within the song and in the way he talks about his old friend, Holdin Down The Bottom still brings through a compelling sense of beauty, togetherness, and intention. The gradual instrumental build-up supports yet another of Sid’s simple yet stunning melody lines, the whole thing designed to slowly but surely envelop and engage you, creating a series of moments that increasingly lift you up and remind you to be thankful for every day you get to spend with those you treasure.

Subtle yet powerful and refreshingly honest music and songwriting. An absolute pleasure to listen to, and a more than fitting ode to a friend who had such an impact on the lives of those around him.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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