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Sid Hagan Doubtful


Epic rock and roll vibes pour through for something a little bit different from Sid Hagan this season.

Introducing a collaborative project with Sid’s friend and mentor Marvin Taylor, Doubtful explodes into the room with stylish, nostalgic guitar solos, subtle distortion, addictive rhythms, and the ever-familiar, accessible vocals of Hagan.

Brilliantly crafted, immediately prompting the rock fan to turn up the volume a few notches, Doubtful is all at once infectious and mellow – proving an easy end of day anthem, as much so as one to make the commute a little more stylish and entertaining.

Featuring impressive production that allows the natural live sound to shine as brightly as the classic song-writing style, loaded with poetry and personal reflection, Doubtful washes over with increasing soul and swagger.

Also featuring Brian Wooten on the instrumental, with Paul Curreri on keys and mixing, Doubtful strikes as not purely a modern day take on classic rock and roll, but a uniquely artistic arrangement, contrasting vocal softness and conceptual intrigue with absolute strength and style of musicianship.

Coming in at a beautifully underrated four minutes and forty six seconds, Doubtful feels like it could go on for even longer. Beautifully seductive verses pave the way alongside subtle yet satisfying guitar work, and always there’s this impressive, genuine core of intention and integrity to the writing and performance style.

A brilliant change of direction for Sid, and a celebration of his own in working with such talented other musicians and indeed heroes of his, the single still holds close to that honest and deeply human core that shines throughout Sid’s repertoire. Well worth a few spins this winter.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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