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Shy Troy Up in Smoke


Beautifully fusing a well-known, riff-led ambiance with a smooth yet raspy, light vocal delivery, walking the line between indie-pop and hip hop, Shy Troy is quick to leave an impression with this latest release. The track and video combined introduce an artist with a clear passion for poetic and musical expression alike.

Up In Smoke has a certain addictive delicacy to it. Hinting at a touch of influence from the emo-rap styles of famous names in recent years, yet holding close to a much more alternative, melodic and personality-soaked presentation, the song lifts the energy in the room to a dreamlike and reflective state; which suits the mood of the music and the lyrics perfectly well.

Addictive is the key word here, the song is over and done with far too soon, yet it runs for way past the four-minute mark. You can listen through and be settled by the vibe, the character in the voice, the laid back yet emotional delivery, and then when you return you can find yourself all the more enthralled by this story-line – this concept of pretending, acting as if everything’s OK.

The whole thing has been beautifully captured and makes for an easy way to lose yourself for a while. A likable introduction to an artist well worth looking out for over the coming months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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