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Shy Curves Dreamboat


Emotion incoming – Dreamboat is a beautifully ambient, intimate and nostalgic new single, which quickly prompts a volume increase as warmth and melancholy unite to increasingly envelop you.

Leading with a sort of acoustic softness, and quiet, tired vocals that tip their hat to the likes of Brand New and other emo-rock outfits from the nineties, Dreamboat progresses to build around you a stunning arena of gentle guitar-pop.

Whether it’s shoe-gaze or an ambient backing track you need, or whether you’re more inclined to look for the sort of Elliott Smith-style revealing, vulnerable songwriting that connects on a deeper level, you’ll find it here.

I tore up everything – danced on the embers in my room – burnt all the parts of me; you’ll be forgetting me soon.

It’s not just the writing, not even purely the composition style, it’s the way in which Shy Curves delivers the whole thing. There’s subtle passion in the voice, a kind of genuinely overwhelmed, sleepy sense of longing, which represents the lyrics in a beautifully authentic way. Similarly to how heavy metal seeks to scream out on our behalf, Shy Curves reaches to be those lesser talked-about moments, those late-night, overthinking instances of uncertainty and regret.

It’s a powerful thing to immerse yourself in, and that nostalgic set-up is just stunning right now, particularly with such a fresh hit of songwriting to back it up.

Find & follow Shy Curves on Instagram. Check out the rest of the topically appropriate EP Stay Home via Bandcamp.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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