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Shreya Preeti Junkyard


Shreya Preeti leads with a smooth and soulful vocal on this alternative pop-RnB fusion single Junkyard. The track, or at least the live version, offers an organic musicality that’s refreshing to witness – the performance in full is of a supremely high quality, and there’s plenty of passion connected to the moment throughout.

Lyrically the song begins with a quick succession of lines, laying out the foundation for the concept and feeling slightly inspired by the likes of The Weeknd – that pace, the edginess and that alternative, mildly adult level of detail. For the most part the sentiment is an accessible one – relationships, broken hearts, thinking you’re over someone then realizing you’re not – there’s comfort in the familiarity of these universal issues and that’s why they come up so frequently in music. Preeti has approached this in a fresh manner, the song itself doesn’t remind you of anything in particular – there’s actually a hint of indie-funk to the instrumentation; which is a total pleasure to hear alongside this kind of lyrically dense RnB vocal. The smoothness and the gritty rhythm contrast cleverly.

The song’s hook is where the title idea comes into play, it’s perhaps not quite as out there or unusual as first impressions may assume, but it makes sense within the context of the song – more than this in fact, it gives the release just enough personality to make certain you remember it. Balancing what is relatable and accessible with that which seems new or a little left of the expected is generally an effective tactic in songwriting – we like things we recognise, but that still seem exciting or unpredictable.

As stated, the performances throughout are brilliant – Shreya Preeti has a stunning voice and an appealing level of confidence that’s likely to take her far. I look forward to hearing more.

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