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Showrocka Thank God for the Grimy


Freshly released from the full-length album of the same name, Showrocka blends the vastness of cinematic, orchestral sound-design, with the natural confidence and story-telling of hip hop. Thank God for the Grimy is poetic, powerful, deeply human and captivating throughout its entire three-minute and twelve-second lifespan.

Lyrically stunning, painful topics presented in a gripping manner as Showrocka faultlessly and rhythmic navigates his way through the facts and reflections at hand, Thank God for the Grimy sets the scene with ease.

The verses draw you in closer and closer, meanwhile this yesteryear melodic backdrop takes you to the dawn of the genre and creates a movie-like mood in the process.

Then there’s the repeated resolve to the hook, a switch in groove and a memorable moment that quickly sinks in.

Catchy yet contemplative to a bold and poignant degree – the perfect closing track for the album, and a fine introduction to a rapper with both talent and intelligence at the forefront of his work.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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