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Shooters’ View Message in a Bottle


The new eight-track album from artist and rapper Shooters’ View is one that creates a storyline and series of moods that impress and engage all at once.

Featuring sublime production and a subtly eclectic approach to arrangement, the project leads with depth of character and ambient, dreamlike soundscapes – ultimately crafting a whole world of reflective thought and hypnotic delicacy alike.

Divine Invitation is an early highlight, and a personal favourite from the project. A beautifully retro yet organic instrumental, with an upfront beat that’s raw yet light and creates a genuine sense of rhythm. The single holds attention well as the artist pours his life story into the process in a captivating way. Every bar is unique, thoughtful, intelligently framed, and captures affection for its honesty and vulnerability; qualities which are reinforced by the quietly passionate tone of the voice.

See Me See You switches gears a little musically, though the sound still fits the mood – another page turned, another chapter in the story. The classic style of the delivery tips its hat to the dawn of the emotive hip hop genre – a welcomed touch of nostalgia that blends well with this sense of contemporary uncertainty. The lyrics question life, the world, the role of the self, in a relatable yet provocative way, and this helps make the whole thing all the more hypnotic to escape into.

Lighthouse Effect lifts the mood somewhat, leading with a jazz-cafe-style simplicity and upbeat energy. Poetic lyricism again connects for its from-the-heart purity. A single listen is far from enough – the project in full compels all the more-so with each revisit.

Another highlight from Message in a Bottle is a track called The Feels. Here the beat stands out a little more, feeling trap-inspired and contemporary, perhaps darker. More than ever the story intrigues from the outset – the voice is laid bare amidst the synths; a spoken-word segment that draws you in and refuses to lose you throughout. It’s a powerful story, personal yet loaded with inspiring statements that seem relevant to any and all thoughtful humans. A beautifully ambient, entrancing track, with a mellow aura yet a core of depth and intention.

In short, Message in a Bottle is an impressive, enjoyable and humble yet smart release, from a hip hop artist with unquestionable integrity. Well worth knowing about.

Download or stream Message in a Bottle here. Check out Shooters’ View on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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