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Shojon Greenwich Views


Catchy song-writing and organic yet contemporary grooves make up this creatively fresh follow-up to last year’s Theorem. Shojon takes things to even greater plains with an audio visual release dedicated to mental health awareness week.

The hit indie single kicks things off and that crisp guitar sound and infectious melody meet with affectionate, appreciative lyrics, for a poetically interesting approach to a modern love song.

Then we get the piano-led reflective thoughtfulness of Greenwich Views, the title-track. Shojon keeps his vocal sound and intimate writing at the forefront, so the style is recognisable but the track-list eclectic enough to maintain a likable freshness throughout.

Variations in flow are a strong point, meandering bars that blend pop and hip hop sensibilities, along with that imagery, poetic and hopeful, to keep the project inspiring and uplifting.

Dominoes ventures a little more into electronic sound-play, an effected voice meets with various layers of synth and detail. Meanwhile the writing is just as insightful, revealing and honest – perhaps the most intriguing of all. The effects make the voice a little less up-front than elsewhere, so the fascination of the lyrics works well to draw you in closer. Shojon leads with intelligent framing of ideas and deeply personal, emotional anecdotes – a balance that connects and impresses all at once.

Fine Wine brings things to a finish and furthers that meeting between organic musicianship and electro or dance-pop production. Here we also get another quickly catchy, memorable hook – the mainstream qualities standing tall, with classic UK rap verses for a gritty and confident hit of structure and appeal.

Shojon exercises versatility throughout, and these four tracks each present another side to the story and the style. An engaging, enjoyable and refreshing contemporary EP, from an artist with his feet firmly on the ground but his ambitions flying high. Well worth a listen.

EP Out May 14th. Grab the project Greenwich Views here. Check out Shojon on IG.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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