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Shmaxi In Black and White


Freshly released from the brand new album Movies Before Bed, Shmaxi’s In Black and White offers a deeply immersive, atmospheric and ambient realm of melodic, whispered escapism.

Introducing the artist and project in a quickly calming way, In Black And White softly pours into the room with a clear degree of dreamlike euphoria about it. Delicate layers of keys, rhythm, synth and voice all intertwine in a partly organic, partly home-produced manner. You can hear the live potential, but you don’t necessarily consider it – the music acts as a gift, a little like trip-hop fused with indie-pop for a creative fusion of authenticity and accessible pop sentiments.

As things progress we suddenly get a choir of voices increasing the natural brightness of the piece. At five minutes twenty-one, there’s plenty to anticipate, and Shmaxi makes sure to effectively utilise every aspect of this journey.

Promising a rising sense of energy and possibility, In Black and White acts more as a feeling than a story at first. The voice is distantly mixed, a crucial part of the artistic intention, which places the lyrics in the backseat as the music and overall mood take the reigns.

In any case, the energy rises, certain words reach out and provoke thought, and the resulting vibe and creative edge naturally draw interest in the rest of the album.

Shmaxi makes music from the heart, and from the depths of a creatively pure mind, and it works well to engage a new audience.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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