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SHIA Breakdown


Chicago’s indie pop sensation SHIA blends melodic softness with raw lyrical expression, for the catchy, revealing and intoxicating new single Breakdown.

Featuring gently expressive vocals and longform melodic progressions akin to the likes of Taylor Swift, but uniting this with a notably more dance-ready production format, Breakdown speaks volumes on behalf of the focus, passion and creative freedom of SHIA. The track feels at first like a familiar and simple pop single, but later builds into a more explosive and fast-paced floor filler, which works hard to breathe new life into the modern scene.

From a songwriting perspective, SHIA again brings together contemporary and classic references, for a story that’s ultimately personal but relatable in its honesty and playful commitment to the cause.

Just scraping past the two-minute mark, this riff-led and dreamy to intense dance-pop single fuses genres and conceptual realism in a short and snappy fashion. The whole thing is pleasant and hopeful sounding musically, but delivers a wealth of contemplation and emotional turmoil at the same time, to naturally intrigue. Well-worth a listen this season.

Download or stream Breakdown. Find SHIA on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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