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SHEETS0 Make It Back (As It Happens EP)


As It Happens is an EP that consistently rewards its audience for spending time under its spell. Fusing blissfully ambient delicacies with fragments of organic and often tribal-like audio, SHEETS0 brings through both an easy-listening and uplifting dance vibe, as well as a series of detailed, creative soundscapes. On top of this – he also offers a collection of deeply thoughtful, passionate songs; a rare and consistently impressive collection of qualities.

Make It Back as an opener is perfect – whatever assumptions your mind is likely to make during those first few seconds (most probably they’ll be positive in any case) – SHEETS0 manages to recreate and rebuild the experience step by step. This isn’t just instrumental trip hop, this isn’t purely a live world-music performance, there’s lyrical substance here as well, and there’s a stunning melodic development that leads you gorgeously from the humble and near-whispered nature of the verses, to the notably brighter, energizing moment that is the hook.

SHEETS0’s inherently creative and emotional drive continues to impress in an eclectic yet clearly rooted manner throughout the EP. Soulful softness meets with intense thought and an unquestionable level of ability – musically and production-wise. An easy must for escapism fans across genres this year. An exciting and distinctly honest artist – I look forward to future releases.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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