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Shayne Fade Fences (EP)


The weight and warmth of nostalgic hip hop production creates a chilled vibe from the outset, as Right Now musically embraces listeners to kick off a story-telling EP from Shayne Fade.

Featuring superb vocals, characterful yet mellow and varied in flow as the lyrics progress, the opening track connects for its openness and inspiring sentiments. There’s also plenty that impresses in these bars, so much so that the conscious outpouring feels well-contrived, intelligently crafted and refreshing in its observations and personal emotions united. Fade finds new ways of reflection on familiar topics.

A brilliant track, and a strong introduction to this project.

Between follows with a laid-back, jazz-cafe vibe and a more mellow groove and vocal to match. The artistic space works well after the opener, and showcases a clear versatility from the artist – whilst still impressing for this poetically considerate writing style.

A little more conceptual weight hits for the EP’s Intro and the interlude Lost. Provocative words, dramatic single hits of a drum (for the latter), and ideas that linger as Die Wit It boots up afterwards; a fast-paced, dark and captivating, creatively intense track, which stands out for its artistic set-up and theatrical take on an unsettling subject matter.

Story Of The Conflicted works well to connect the artist to his audience. Beautiful production and faster bars that dig deep into his own story and background. The lyrics are superb, smart and sharp, to the point that a single listen is far from enough. Listen again, notice more, appreciate more deeply the skill and depth on display.

Why stands out for similarly thoughtful, reflective and poetic reasons. Blissfully ambient jazz-cafe vibes suit the upfront and intimate nature of the voice and the story-line. Again, Fade holds attention with ease – the subtle rasp and weight of the delivery reaches out with striking authenticity and realness.

Beautifully crafted bars help elevate this entire playlist, securing Fade’s role as one of indie’s most promising and interesting artists.

A topically thoughtful, lyrically masterful creative, with a recognisable voice and a certain musically free approach to expression. Fences is an easy must for this year’s re-working of contemporary hip hop.

Also check out the single Times Out in addition to this project – a profound lyrical downpour that compels for its impeccable use of long-form bars to delve deep into life, time, dreams and self-exploration within this world.

Download or stream TIMES OUT and FENCES here. Check out Shayne Fade on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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