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Shay Shay Not Perfect


Raw and emotive writing and performance, a somewhat elusive or humble online presence – Shay Shay leads with an upfront and recognisable style for this decidedly honest new single.

An aptly-titled Not Perfect is a hip hop and alt-pop single that delves into the topic of self-awareness, preservation and improvement. Featuring a classic beat, mellow and synth-kissed, with fragments of vocal melody in the outer layers for a genuinely soulful feel, Not Perfect introduces the rapper as having a varied and versatile flow.

Each bar lays bare some new part of her story, meandering from vulnerable to confident and back again, always before resolving to the softness and melodic embrace of the hook – to this sentiment of seeking to overcome, to make up for mistakes made in the past.

The mood of the music meets its underlying sentiments well, presenting a level of uplifting possibility – a belief and feeling that none of us are perfect, but there is always room to grow; that we can work on things for the future, and be better, for ourselves and those we hold close.

Shay Shay’s voice is incredibly unique, particularly during the sung moments, and this – combined with a creatively pop-like manner of sound design – helps give her music a clear set of calling cards.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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